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Cleaning & Sanitation Chemicals for Food & Beverage Industry, Hotel, Restaurant & Hospital

We provide our customers with cost benefit, continuous improvement and program development in cleaning and sanitation process that fullfill commitment promise to the higher standards.

Our Vision

As we are provider of cleaning , sanitation and lubrication for food and beverage also hotel and restaurant, we combine our knowledge about processing plant and improvement program to our customers by creating and develop of solutions that provide our customers with added value.

Our Mission

Our Values

Total Service to the Food Processing Industry

Since 2005, Indo Chem Semesta has been providing the food & Beverages Industries, dairy, meat, poultry, laundry, institutional with the specialty chemicals they need for cleaning, sanitation and as aids in production. ICS’s product line is extensive with more than thirty formulations used in federally inspected meat plants and wherever cleanliness, food safety and quality have the highest priority.

Indo Chem Semesta offers everything from cleaners and sanitizers to processing and rendering agents. A few of these are sourced from outside suppliers. Many ICS
formulations are Health Department registered – KEMENKES RI PKD : 20202610094, 20202910253, 20203610095, 20204810887, 20205811176, 20301510501, 20301510546, 20301510733, 20301510747, 20309910444, 20310910010, 20501510545, 20501710264 and many chemical formulas and processes are patented.
ICS products comply with NSF International requirements for the food processing industry, certifies US National Science Foundation that continuing of USDA approval.

We are proud of the fact that most of our products are biodegradable while meeting the highest performance standards of the food industry.

To insure that optimum levels of mixed chemical are used for their correct purpose, ICS will support of chemical dispensing equipment with years of in-plant experience
behind its functional design. All products and equipment come with ICS training and service.

The most important issue in the food industry is food safety. As an expert in our industry, ICS will continue to work diligently to develop new, safer and more effective products and to improve our long-established practice of in-plant technical support. Providing our customers with the chemicals they need to keep their plants clean, sanitary and safe is a responsibility that we at Indo Chem Semesta take very seriously.

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